ALTERMEDIOS TECHNOLOGIES offers a wide range of managed security services (MSS) to organizations of all sizes. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) provides protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. Our services provide key controls for regulations including PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and ISO 27001/27002.


Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall Service provides customers with a firewall configured to their requirements to provide control of access to servers and networks.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

CISO On Demand

Our CISO On Demand take a approach that enables us to determine what is best for your organization, considering your business objectives all the time.

Network Audit

Network auditing primarily provides insight into how effective network control and practices are, i.e. its compliance to internal and external network policies and regulations.

IT Due Diligence

IT Due Diligence involves the revision, verification and control of the several areas such as financial implications of a technology, issues related to maintaining its current technology, among many others.

Other Services

  • Secure Virtual Private Servers
  • Network Health Monitoring
  • 3CX VOIP Phone System



Firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. Devices must be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats. Security policies and configurations must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent with changing business environments. Network traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before damage is done. 

Managed Firewall is designed to meet the demands of customers who desire strong security without the administrative tasks associated with it. Altermedios as your MSSP can deploy Firewall model-upgradeable, Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances to meet the growing needs of your business. In addition, our SOC’s keeps you informed and in control of your security. Our SOC’s can instantly see what’s happening, with real-time network usage data for user and host computers, providing you with up-to-the-minute data on security and network activity. Interactive components allow us to take instant investigative or preemptive action directly from the monitoring components.

Take your time for your business, ours SOC are working for your business, we have the tools, expertise, experience and support to keep your network secure, your vital business traffic flowing, and your bottom line healthy.


  • Appliance configuration and installation by security experts
  • VPN configuration
  • 24×7 security event monitoring with advanced correlation and analysis
  • 24×7 device availability monitoring
  • 24×7 or 8×5 administration of UTM infrastructure
  • Security software upgrade and patch management
  • Policy change management
  • On-demand security and compliance reporting via the web-based Customer Portal
  • High availability support (add-on option)



Vulnerability Management provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Vulnerability Management is the global standard in detecting and assessing network data. The concept of a network has changed significantly over the years. Mobile workers, virtual machines, remote offices and cloud-based applications are now fundamental part of the company infrastructure. Under this new IT environment, organizations need to adapt to the new challenges. However, implement Vulnerability Management also introduce visibility and control over the security gaps that leave the organization open to vulnerabilities, exploits, and breaches.

ALTERMEDIOS Vulnerability Management service leverages Tenable® Vulnerability Management technology to perform highly accurate internal and external scan audits across network devices, servers, Web applications, databases and other assets in on-premise and cloud environments. We can offer different service levels provided as an on-demand service, depending on the needs of your organization eliminating administration and maintenance burdens so you can better focus on protecting your assets and reducing business risk.


  • Highly accurate internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • Supports physical, cloud and virtual infrastructure
  • Dedicated vulnerability management team provides expert guidance and support
  • Policy and compliance scanning to satisfy PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and NERC CIP requirements
  • Expert support by certified security analysts
  • Identify the real, exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Create a complete network security and compliance solution by combining with other Managed Security Service



The right technology, not more technology, is the answer to your IT goals. Nowadays, more and more executives are looking for tangible ROI and business enablement from their IT investments and expenses. To attend you on this task, our consulting team, add value to your executive team by integrating their business insights with our technology insights to drive more value for the business than technology itself. 

Independent of your goal, successful technology investments starts with an understanding of the business objectives that you want to reach. Our CIO On Demand take a approach that enables us to determine what is best for your organization, considering your business objectives all the time.



Today we live in a connected world, where the communication is a key requirement for all business. With an increasing integration of business, using their systems is necessary to establish a fast, reliable and secure communication that is as widespread as the company and its business dealings. Information systems need to reach out to users, vendors, customers and partners (independent of their location); today everything is connected to nearly everything else.

A network could be as simple as a small local area network (LAN) connecting a few computers inside a single room, or it could be something that connects computers at factories and remote offices. A network could be connected to other networks, such as the networks of customers or vendors or to the Internet.

Considering these scenarios and the recent attacks to: Target, Home Depot, Sony, Chase and others, is mandatory maintain a network under control. To achieve this, is necessary take care of the following elements:

Network Vulnerabilities and Control, verifying the following categories:

  • Interception
  • Availability
  • Access

Network Security:

  • Network Scope
  • Critical Information Assets
  • Who has access?
  • Connections to the external Networks
  • Mechanism of Protection



Nowadays, all the business are affected by a connected world and a highly regulated business environment; it’s harder than ever to get a clear view of the total cost of ownership (TCO), and the risks associated with a potential acquisition.During an a possible acquisition, one key element is the risk, the risk in their entire meaning, risk associated to the business, to the market, to the employees and not less important the risk associated to the information technology infrastructure and security issues, which often leads to unanticipated IT spend and possible regulatory compliance issues.

A key lesson to be learned about from this approach is that IT is not only related to implement solutions or applications. It is about create value for the business, as you know, the value is not a simple concept, it depends on the context. For some business is related to financial elements in others is about improving performance and/or net increase in income that is available to provide their services or products.


  • Architecture analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Applications analysis
  • Service support analysis
  • Security analysis
  • Information asset analysis
  • System criticality
  • Organization overview
  • Threat, vulnerability and impact analysis
  • Operating expense analysis
  • Capital expense analysis
  • IT Provider contract analysis
  • Penetration testing analysis
  • Security Risk analysis:
    • What are the critical information assets (data)?
    • Where do these assets reside (systems)?
    • How are they protected?


Software Based VOIP IP PBX

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software-based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. 3CX’s IP PBX has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard, making it easier to manage and allowing you to use any SIP phone (software or hardware).


• Easy Installation and Management

• Take your Extension Anywhere

• Half your Telephone Bill and Increase Sales

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Managed Security is the foundation of all our solutions. It will give you peace of mind, knowing that Altermedios security team will proactively protect your servers (24x7x365) using high end UTM Firewall integrated with a complete solution to monitoring and correlate Threat’s and Breaches. In ALTERMEDIOS Cloud your sensitive information is encrypted and secure end-to-end.

Secure Virtual Private Servers allow you to install and configure capacity for computing resources including memory, processing and storage on-demand, with High-End Firewalls and customize security for you applications and services in the Cloud. We have minimized the time required to install and boot up new servers to just minutes, always under a strict and complete security methodology, that include:

  • Managed Firewall
  • VPN
  • IPS
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Log Correlation

Which in turn allows you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, to accommodate your varied computing requirements.

  • No up front capital investment
  • Monthly fees that reflect the virtual server capacity used
  • Dedicated resources
  • High Performance SAS Drives
  • Ability to add processor, memory or disk capacity with just a phone call
  • High availability and manageability designed to address the business needs of customers
  • Servers that guarantee availability even when hardware failure may occurs
  • High availability virtual hosting services are provisioned, managed and delivered by Altermedios´ fully N+1 redundant, secure data center using only SAS70 certified processes


In the past, the network complexity used to be simple, because everything was centralized. Now, the network is very complex, because a series of new technologies appears to integrate users with services. One simple list of these technologies is:

  • Distributed networks
  • Mobile end-users
  • Cloud services
  • Smartphones

Understand the network end-to-end is very important for the business, the organizations need to actively monitoring entire network paths. Get insight into even cloud providers’ networks by sending & receiving precisely timed network traffic, assessing performance in real time. Find and Fix Problems Fast on Any Network, you can create applications SLAs based on the application: Voice, Datacenter Connections, CRM, Email, etc., we run diagnostic test when poor performance is detected and proactively alert you based on your specific thresholds.


  • Continuous, lightweight monitoring
  • Alerting against application specific SLAs
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Automatically detect QoS alterations
  • Wired and wireless performance monitoring
  • 365 day data retention
  • Automatically locate & diagnose network issues
  • Unlimited virtual network interfaces
  • Interactive & scheduled report delivery
  • Multiple alert profiles for business & non-business hours
  • Continuously measure VoIP & UC quality
  • Detailed alerts notifications