Our company, ALTERMEDIOS Technologies, is a MSS Provider since 2000, specialized in LAN/WAN, Security, VPN and Internet solutions.

We pride ourselves on tackling and solving the most difficult problems. ALTERMEDIOS is always committed to provide Expert support and smart services to customers since 1998. Our main area of business is providing turnkey unified threat management solutions, products and services oriented to a wide range of companies. With a long history as a service company, Altermedios pioneered with the first Internet VPN Service and it was also the first established company to provide Network Administrative Services without been an ISP.


ALTERMEDIOS Technologies, as a pure plays MSS, develop their own methodology to offer a value add to the market. In general, the MSS portfolios look similar, although there may be delivery options that are available to some providers, but not others (such as DDoS protection), we try to provide greater flexibility or customization of their offerings, based on our methodology.

Our service is remotely delivered, we can be delivered globally from SOCs located far from the security devices being monitored or managed. We have SOCs in multiple sites to have the option to deliver services to local customers from SOCs within a local region, or to move analysis and management workloads to another SOCs.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE   Managed Firewall • Vulnerability Management • Cybersecurity • Network Audit • IT Due Diligence • and more…


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